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My Association with Skolix : Received call but not joined

Good things About Skolix : All worst about this company

Not so good things About Skolix : I received call from one of the recruiter from this company about the job opportunity, i asked them to email details to pursue further. I then started proper research about the company & found many unknown facts, which i guess many of them are not aware about it. I believe skolix was named after iNEK Tech., which was at Kansas headed by someone by names sudhir dodda & preetham ; i got shocked after reading more about these two person, . These links are very recent. Friends, I strongly not recommend you to get into such fraudulent organization. Top of it they say that thse people has acquired a company called AG Technologies.... Do not join inek, skolix or AG & rest upto you guys. Thanks to social sites for helping me to decide on this very soon. I strongly recommend to the management that not to spoil our career with such a bad history of your organization. I even read previous comments on your programs which are worst. stop calling to us. No.... never to this company, I have received call from kiran takur

Review Submitted on : 10/02/2014

My Association with Skolix : I am a Recruiter who called them because the has a resume on Dice that fitted the skills i was looking for

Good things About Skolix : It appeared to start with that they had good candidates

Not so good things About Skolix : Had a position in a an unusual Geographical location. The rep from Skolix I spoke with sent me the profile of the candidate that I had found on Dice and requested, along with a 2nd profile, neither were local but that was OK, as the location was a tricky one. Seemed good to start with. However Neither candidate could tell me the correct year they came to the US. So requested ID eventually it arrived. It is possible that they could have worked with the dates on the resume but highly unlikely due to the DOB's of both candidates. Decided not to use them just too shady. 24hrs later Dice search revels a New resume posted. This one matching the skills I am looking for but in the exact location I want. I call and realize that I am talking with Skolix again (same Rep I spoke to yesterday at least same name and email it turns out but different voice) however has no recollection of our conversation. OK I can give him the benefit of the doubt, Busy day perhaps, however when I press for the local candidate that just posted miraculously that candidate is not actual in that location, why did you post his resume as being there then, change of story He is in that location but does want to stay their it turn out, but they have other profiles. Take what you want from this but I would not use them again. Seems as they could not pass some very dubious candidates off on me, they would switch to plan B and post a resume local to the area of my position and see if any of my competitors were dumb enough to fall for it.

Review Submitted on : 03/07/2013

My Association with Skolix : Employee . Took training here.

Good things About Skolix : JAVA training is excellent here. You will actually learn Java very well and in a fun way. Marketing team is good and provide good support.

Not so good things About Skolix : Packages are not very attractive as they promised but still in good range.

Review Submitted on : 03/04/2013

My Association with Skolix : I took training frem there.

Good things About Skolix : I took coaching from Skolix for learning Web Logic and Dot NET. They have a very professional curriculum that prepared me for the challenges I’d face at a professional position. It’s interesting how all the theory that we studied at Skolix was supported by real world examples where we could test our skills and understanding of the subject matter being taught. I was hired by Bank of America after I completed my training from Skolix and it has been a great experience to put my skills to use in a professional environment. All thanks to Skolix and their trainers that I am able to hold my own when compared to professionals with years of experience in the field.

Not so good things About Skolix :

Review Submitted on : 24/10/2012

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