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My Association with Methodex : My Best Friend is working in this company Methodex...

Good things About Methodex : It's a Useless Company. Nothing to say gud.

Not so good things About Methodex : They will never stick on their word's. Never Pay salaries on time and NO Incentives from many years. Nill Experience people sits in High position n try to rule. Hell of Politics and No Unity between each other. No growth in carrer if u work here. It's waste to work in Methodex.

Review Submitted on : 14/02/2011

My Association with Methodex : I am an employee

Good things About Methodex : None

Not so good things About Methodex : Pay is not on time, calls are not answered. I still have so much balance left and there is no response at all, I keep calling everyday 3-4 times. Very unprofessional way. Never join this company.

Review Submitted on : 01/02/2011

My Association with Methodex : Presently i am employed with this company..

Good things About Methodex : Nothing...i don't see any...

Not so good things About Methodex : Even after reading this review if you join this company then definitely you are going to regret through out your life time. He is very smart in speaking with the people. His sweet words and lies makes you to join the company. Once he takes your H1 papers then starts the trouble. You can count on fingers regarding how many times he picks up your call. After getting a job, you have to literally beg him for pay and thats for sure because i myself is doing the same. He never pays you on time and there are cases where he deposited amounts between $200 - $650 that too after begging him for a long time( almost one and half to 2 months). There is no proper time duration between pay checks. Now if you go and ask him about this matter he will say no man nothing like that (you know so many people betrayed me and even after doing that they propogate me as a wrong guy and this what he is going to say) we are paying at right time else hey at that time there is some problem with ADP or some thing else. After reading all this you may ask me then why are you still with that company. Here is the answer: He will plan accordingly that he will keep your amount in thousands of dollars not in hundreds. You don't trust me but its real that he owes me 8,000$ and thats the reason why i am still with this guy. If the amount he owes is $1000 then also i am ready to levae this company. What ever i said till now i can prove each and every thing with proofs.

Review Submitted on : 04/02/2010

My Association with Methodex : Unfortunately through a friend(He escaped after 2 months)

Good things About Methodex : Good things: Marketing is good.

Not so good things About Methodex : Bad things: Thrust me he paid me $1000 and i have been working for nearly 4 months now. If you are ready to work without any pay then here you go this is the company you are looking for. If the owner Srinivas Manne lifts the call then it will be the talk of the town, such an ignorant owner who doesn't care a shit about the employees. God will save the poors innocent students working for this company. PS: Please for heaven sake avoid this company.

Review Submitted on : 19/01/2009

My Association with Methodex : Some one referred this company to me...

Good things About Methodex : Nothing except his sweet words.

Not so good things About Methodex : No salary for last five months. No concern on employee issues. Never take phone calls. No support... Totally, Its useless...

Review Submitted on : 17/01/2009

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